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l****i Buyer

" Bagus bgt sumpah, ternyata ini jumbo bgt ya wkwk Resiko pinggul besar jadi ngambil xxl dan ternyata masih longgar banget tapi pinggangnya pas karena karet ya. Bakal langganan pokoknya, pengirimannya juga ceoet bgt bali-tangerang cuma 3 harian aja. "

" The product is really really good, it turned out that the product was super jumbo. It is about the risk of big hips so I took XXL and found out it's still very loose but it fits my hips since there is rubber. I will definitely repurchase, the delivery time is super fast from Bali to Tangerang only took about 3 days. "

noa_collection13 Buyer

" Admin ramahh poll, pengiriman cepatt, pengemasan rapii, barang sesuai pesanan gaada yg cacat sama sekali sukak pokoknya aku bb 80 tb 161 masih aman banget bener - bener jumbo, bahannya adem jatuh tp tipis dan ga terawang kok tapi gamasalahh tetep bagus "

" The Admin was super friendly, fast delivery, tidy packing, the order was correct and there was no defect. I really like it 😍 This product is perfect for me at 80 kg and 161 cm tall, really jumbo. The material is cool to fall but thin and not see through but it doesn't really matter, so far so good. "

adelianatasyaa Buyer

" Alhamdulillah sudah sampai barangnya. pengiriman cepat, packaging aman, produk bagus tidak ada defect, sangat memuaskan, terimakasih seller atas kualitas pengiriman nya, semoga lancar teruss usahanya n selalu mengutamakan kualitas produk, pelayanan, dan pengirimannya. Next order disini lagi ya "

" Thank God the goods have arrived. Fast delivery, safe packaging, good product, no defects, very satisfied. Thank you seller for the quality of the delivery. I hope that your business will run well and always prioritize product quality, service and delivery. Next I will order here again 💕🙏 "

Since Year 2018

We are Goddess Garment

We are a Fashion store located in Bali, We sell boutique quality JUMBO and PLUS SIZE SPECIAL clothes at friendly prices, we produce our own clothes so that the quality of our materials and stitches will be maintained.

Don't hesitate to spend fashion clothes at Goddessbali. We will continue to strive to improve our products and services.

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